Welcome to the Official Alaska Combined Federal Campaign Website


The Combined Federal Campaign dates are September 1, 2016 through December 15, 2016. 




Questions?  Please feel free to contact Barbara Bozeman at 907-263-3834 or email at bbozeman@ak.org.





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Fundraising Campaign Dates:  September 1 - December 15, 2016

                                                                            2016 CFC Alaska "Show Some Love" Video


2016 Alaska CFC Campaign Co-Chairs are Lance Robinson and Brian Cahill

2016 CFC Campaign Co-Chair Lance Robinson

Area Port Director

Senior DHS Fellow

Port of Anchorage

Anchorage, AK 


Greetings and welcome to the 2016 Alaska Combined Federal Campaign (CFC).  This year I have the honor and privilege of serving as Co-Chair with Brian Cahill of the Transportation Security Administration.  I strongly believe in advocating community support through the CFC and look forward to providing solid cooperative leadership.


Thank you for volunteering your support of this year’s very important campaign.  We, as a Federal collective, are experiencing a transition; change is on the horizon.  This year, our goal is to encourage all employees to find inspiration through community support.  We want to emphasize online giving through payroll deductions.  We need your help advocating, encouraging, and assisting your local employees in pledging their support to their favorite charities.  We want them to know and understand the many positive reasons for contributing to the CFC.  Training will be provided and local resources are available.


If you are an employee considering pledging your support, you have my appreciation.  There are thousands of charities represented every year in the campaign.  Each of these charities provides a needed service, has been vetted, and is worthy of your sponsorship.  I urge you to find one that touches your heart and recognize the significance your contribution can make to those served.  Contributions can be made through payroll deduction or a one-time credit card payment. 


There are many reasons to give, but the most important one is the support to the community.  We, as Federal employees, are public servants.  The CFC gives us an opportunity to validate that service.  I hope that you will consider pledging your support and advocating for the CFC within your local workplace.  For more information, please contact your local Agency Coordinator or Keyworker.  I look forward to another successful campaign and am grateful for the opportunity to serve.



  2016 CFC Campaign Co-Chair Brian Cahill 

Federal Security Director

Transportation Security Administration

State of Alaska


    I am honored to serve alongside Area Port Director Lance Robinson of U.S. Customs and Border Protection as co-chair for the state of Alaska’s 2016 Combined Federal Campaign (CFC).  Lance and I are great partners within the Department of Homeland Security, and we will be great CFC partners who will work hard to ensure the statewide campaign is as successful as it can possibly be.

As a career civil servant, a retired Reserve Naval Officer and a former United States Marine, I have been involved with the CFC for thirty years.  As a young military member, I contributed to the CFC every year and experienced a great deal of personal gratification doing so.  When I was beginning my climb up the supervisory ladder of civil service, I was inspired by a Senior Executive who, despite being incredibly busy, invested a great amount of personal time and energy to the CFC by attending kick-off events, delivering inspirational speeches and motivating others to help those less fortunate.  This leader taught me it is not only important to contribute to charitable organizations when we have been blessed with the good fortune to do so; he also taught me it is important to help lead this annual effort by educating others about the CFC and generating excitement for the annual campaign with the intentions of increasing contributions and ensuring the pool of CFC supporters and contributors remains strong for many years to come. 

 If you are reading this, you most likely already support and/or contribute to the CFC – and you are one of many federal employees we need to help take the Alaska CFC to the next level.  Just as I was motivated by a Senior Executive years ago, we need all who already participate and/or contribute to the CFC to help lead this annual effort by championing for the CFC, generating excitement for the annual campaign and encouraging participation and contributions from those who might not be familiar with its goodness.  In sum, Lance and I need your help leading Alaska’s CFC effort so our 2016 campaign can truly be as successful as it can possibly be.

 Thanks to all federal employees in our nation’s Last Frontier for considering the CFC as the tool of choice for assisting your favorite charitable organizations.  Thank you for helping lead others who may not be familiar with the CFC and all the good it does for so many.  Best of luck to all of us (and those who need our assistance) for a very successful 2016 campaign!